i    L    i    k    e    P    e    t    e    .    c    o    m

C  L  A  I  R  E    R  O  L  F  E

H  A  P  P  Y    B  I  R  T  H  D  A  Y    T  O    Y  O  U

Howdy Y'All You party people. Firstly, I must convey my thanks to my photographic assistant who took the majority of these photos whilst I and my alter ego, Polly Esther were on the pop, pop, pop music. My apologies for not remembering His name but I am getting on a bit now. Here He be below in glorious technicolour.. Apologies also for the delayed upload, I've been abroad for most of the period since the wonderful weekend that was.. So, Here's all your embarrasing party pics uncurated and not edited fantastically due to the size of the task, Feel free to ask me for copies of any pics you may want and I'll fix them up a bit better for you.. Someone please remind Claire to send over her pics from her shiny new camera and I'll add some more pages, All of you actually, Send your pics to dropbox peterbrendan@gmail.com and I will, again, add more pages.. 

Thank You all for making an old Pete and Polly very happy.. :)

Happy Birthday Clairey Beary.. XXxxxx